Ex Partners

A not so unimportant but really annoying chapter in relationships are the ex partners. Some of them are nearly never talked about and some of them are way too present.

Breakups sucks. We all know that and we’ve all been there. But why is it so widespread to be in contact with your ex? Why do so many people feel the need to do that? In my opinion it is just selfish.

It is over

It is OVER. At least in my past relationships it was like that. I don’t need to talk to my ex boyfriends or stay in contact with them but apparently I’m alone with this thinking. I honestly do not get why you would wanna keep in touch with them. They are your EX for a reason. I’m not talking about a quick small talk when you accidentally run into them somewhere in your old hometown or something like that, I’m talking about contact on a regular basis maybe once a week or even more often.

It is normal if you wanna know how they are after a break up, how they are doing in life without you but when you think about sending that text, just remember it will only benefit you and nobody else. To write messages to your ex partner or even meet up with them, just to follow up on old habbits is selfish.

I asked some of my friends why they are still in contact with their ex girlfriends and I had very similiar replies like: “I wanna know how she is“ or “well, she was a big part of my life for so long, so why should I stop that now“, because she is fucking NOT anymore? I get that an ex partner was a huge part of your life for probably a really long time, but she/he WAS.

But what exactly is wrong with some people who desperately need contact with their exes.

Imagine this scenario: You are at a festival with your friends and your boyfriend. His ex girlfriend shows up. You are slightly drunk and in a really good mood and you’re actually really nice to her because why not, right? She hasn’t done anything bad to you. But for some reason she is really mean to you and tries to gossip bullshit about you together with her friends in front of your boyfriend. Just imagine. Do you have any reason to not totally hate her now?

Don’t be a pathetic jealous bitch

If you really need contact with your ex, at least be respectful in front of his new girlfriend. I don’t think it is too hard to not tell him how you really not approve of her. Your opinion does not matter at all and you probably don’t even know her (stalking her on instagram does not count ;)). Because if you can’t do that you’re not ready to be his friend after all. You’re just being a pathetic jealous bitch.

So I’m not a fan of friendships with ex partners as you can tell.  Yeah, I’ve heard of these utopian ideas of platonic friendships between exes. I’ve never seen one tho, so I don’t quite believe it to be honest.

I have zero contact with any of my exes and I wasn’t sad about that for one second in my life. I couldn’t care less and I’m happy with how my life is right now so why should I recall the past. There is a reason why they are my ex boyfriends.



  1. I’m bored and found this blog. Not sure about what you say. What if someone is friends with someone before a relationship. They have good banter together and have some good memories as friends. Then a relationship starts and it grows, do they forget they were ever friends and all the memories for the sake of jelous new boy/girl friends? Bollocks do they. Jealously is a powerful emotion that some people can’t control.

    1. I agree with the first thing you said, but the ex has to accept the new girl/boyfriend and if they don’t do that, is he/she really your friend?

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