Forget about what it is and why it is and focus on that it is.

Why is it, that we always want more than we have? Why can we not be happy with what we got?

There will always be this big sky full of expectations but we have to learn to accept that most of them will never be reality. We always string along this massive concept of how our life should be, but we should be happy with what is right in front of us. We always tend to ignore the truth and the reality for temporary happiness. But start being honest to yourself. The reality may piss you off at first or will maybe break your heart, but I can tell you it will feel better than hope ever will. Expectations and hope are the worst of all evil and you can’t spend your whole life living in a fucking fairytale.

And that’s exactly what I did. I spend the last few months in a fairytale expecting complete unrealistic things from a person who was never able to achieve them. I had these huge expectations in my mind and got always really upset when he didn’t fulfil them. Which was complete bullshit because he literally couldn’t. I was so unhappy and sad about how things turned out that I honestly had no idea what to do anymore. Here’s the thing. I’m or we are not living in a film where a person flies to another country just to see you for a day. I wish we would, but we don’t. That’s how it is and finally I am alright with that. None of us are easy to deal with or to date. Everyone has issues and attitudes and their own ways of doing things and some people may not like it. It’s impossible to like every little thing about someone. It is not about finding a perfect person, in my opinion it is about finding the person who is worth fighting for no matter what. Just never expect too much.

I always tried to make him understand a lot more than what he actually understood, but that doesn’t mean he never tried. Why keep pushing things to the point where everything probably falls apart, just because he’s not saying what I want to hear? Two different worlds, two different cities, so how can I actually expect him to act the way I do. We probably both want similar things, but we see them different. Everyone around us sees things different from how you see them. They feel different things and experience the same things different. But that doesn’t mean they are not trying as hard as you are. When you think about that, think about the people who have experienced similar things but are not as strong as you are now or maybe changed in a different way. Everyone is handling stuff different but most of the people are trying their best, trying to please you and are trying the best they can be. Most of the people don’t hurt you on purpose, it’s just what they think is the right thing to do. But don’t expect people to act exactly how you think they should. And sometimes miracles might actually happen and he will say the exact right things for once 😉

I know that I expected too much and that was the reason why we always walked in circles. We always argued about the same stupid things because I expected him to say things or do things that he never did. Forget about the questions what it is and why it is how it is and focus on that it is. And that it is great how things are right now.

There is always gonna be a constant battle between what we know and what we feel. So there’s always gonna be a battle between what we have and what we want. A battle between reality and expectations. I’m not saying stop having any expectations or goals or be happy 24/7. If you would be happy every single day of your life, you wouldn’t be a human being. Just don’t be unhappy because your expectations are too high. Just set realistic goals when it comes to other people, so the other person is actually able to achieve them.


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