Day 1

Part of my daily outfit were my wellies of course (silvery, GLITTERY ones!), jeans short, bum bag and my all time favorite 80ies jacket. You can’t do anything wrong with jeans short and wellies at a festival because basically every girl is wearing exactly the same thing. The weather on the first day wasn’t too good so I was wearing a pink rain poncho the whole day (even when it wasn’t raining…) and of course my pink heart shaped sunglasses (when there was no sun at all?).

Sadly I don’t have any good photos of my outfit from the first day, because I was too fuck….ing busy listening and dancing to the amazing music 😉

We started day 1 with pre drinks at my mates flat at Peel Park, which is about 10 mins away by car. We made our way to the festival at around 2pm when it was already really busy. First we listened to some techno at the Warehouse Project Stage but when it started raining we changed location to a covered area. I honestly can’t remember if we first went to the Elrow Stage or to the Hangar, but both were pretty sick.

Here are some of the amazing artists from the first day:

The 1975, Fatboy Slim, Solardo, Jamie Jones, Hot Since 82, Two Door Cinema Club & Giggs.

Day 2

Day 2 basically started exactly like day 1 (apart from being slightly hungover and not too motivated to drink the vodka lemonade at 12pm). But to be honest after a few sips it was fine and we made our way to the festival ground again.

My wellies were not be forgotten on the second day, but I left the rain poncho at home. On day 2 I borrowed Grace’s bum bag, because it was silver and totally matched with my wellies :P. My outfit on the first day was more pink (glitter, sunglasses and shirt), but on the second day it was all about blue (or rather turquoise). Turquoise glitter everywhere and the weather was so much better that I actually needed m sunglasses.

First stop was the Warehouse Project Stage again where we basically spend the whole day. As soon as … started to play we made our way to the Hangar. All in all it was an amazing weekend with great friends and I wouldn’t wanna change a thing about it. Well yeah maybe I would, because waiting for a taxi for 2 hours in a jeans short when it’s like 10 degrees outside wasn’t fun.


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