Between love and heartbreak.

I first heard the expression kryptonite person when a friend of mine told me about an article he read about this topic. A kryptonite person is a person, we will never forget. Something about this person is so special to us that we just can not get over it.

I thought about this for a while now and I even found an explanation of the expression at

Kryptonite guy: “A guy that a strong women just can’t let go of and no matter how hard she tries to, when he calls or she sees him he makes her weak and sucks her right back in. The after affect of interactions with this person generally leaves you emotionally drained.”

Some may know the word kryptonite because of superhero movies, because kryptonite is Superman’s one weakness.

I met my Kryptonite guy last year. We got to know each other really quick, we texted, I met his friends and it all seemed like a really nice beginning of a relationship. In the end it didn’t work out but definitely not because of a lack of feelings. I was in love with him and I know he had feelings for me too.

I was heartbroken. I was so heartbroken. I cried for days, weeks, month. Lovesickness with a kryptonite guy is different from a regular heartbreak. It just seems like it will never end and it probably will never end. You just can’t hate this person. It doesn’t matter how many times he bailed on me or what he did to make me cry. I just can’t hate him.

I tried to reduce the contact with him to an absolute minimum (apart from some drunk calls or text messages), but it did not work. Then I tried to be friends with him, which is not working as well (obviously). Let’s be honest it’s not a good idea to be friends with the one person you want to be with anyways. You will always imagine situations in your head, which will never happen and you just end up hurting yourself again and again. You always think maybe something happens and he wants to be with me and you will raise your own hopes but deep inside you know it will never happen. You will end up disappointed and your best friends have to pick up the pieces of your heart again and again.

This kryptonit guy.

It probably took me until now to figure out that he is exactly this guy. This kryptonit guy.

My best friend is going through a situation like this right now and that’s how I figured my whole situation out. She’s so in love with this guy but it’s just not working out. She never said it but I know that she would do anything for him and she just can’t let him go, because he is her kryptonit guy.

You will never forget this person and you will never get over him. You will always think he’s goodlooking and amazing. We all know these situations with ex-boyfriends or other guys we made out with and we think: “What the hell was I thinking? Was I drunk the whole time? Was I blind? What’s wrong with me?” You will never think that about your kryptonit guy. Basically every day there is a song, or a moment, a film or whatever which reminds me of him. It’s hard and it’s kind of awful because this feeling of being in love with him will probably never go away completely. To think that I’ll probably never see him agan is even harder. But I don’t think there is a real solution for this pain. The only thing you can try is live with it, because honestly, what else can you do?

I’m not saying your relationship with your kryptonite person has to end like this. Maybe you will end up marrying this guy, then you’re the luckiest person ever.


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